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Community Uplift Partnership

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Through Education and Relationship

Who We Are

Poverty is alive and well in our very own community. Poverty is crushing to the human spirit, and those who are in the midst of it find themselves struggling to cope with life, build relationships, and maintain hope for a better tomorrow.

Breaking the cycles of poverty requires so much more than a hand out. It requires good people to step in and walk alongside those who are struggling. Good people who are willing to share relational, life, and career skills. Good people who can help others gain a sense of purpose and hope by modeling healthy relationships, sharing life giving wisdom, and providing much needed education.

That is what we do at Community Uplift Partnership (CUP), and that is what you can do by donating or joining our volunteer team.

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Find Us

Reunion Coffee House
10601 Reunion Pkwy
Commerce City, CO 80022
720-477-0847 x705

CUP Office (mailing address)
11555 Chambers Road
Commerce City, CO 80603

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