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Community Uplift Partnership

Alleviating Poverty and Transforming Lives
Through Restored Relationships.

Who We Are

Community Uplift Partnership, affectionately known as CUP, is a ministry located in Commerce City dedicated to Alleviating Poverty and Transforming Lives through Restored Relationships.
We take a unique approach to poverty alleviation by inviting people into opportunities to regain a sense of purpose and learn vital relational, life and job skills necessary to carry out the purpose God has declared for them. We believe education and relationship are the key to breaking the cycles of poverty in our community and that when people are living to their full potential and not hindered by material poverty, then a quality community is achieved. CUP uplifts people through community development and lifestyle example to model healthy relationships while also providing education to foster independence, self-respect, confidence and achievement of one’s full potential.

Find Out More About Us

Find Us

CUP Office (mailing address)
13659 E. 104th Ave #300
Commerce City, CO 80022

Hope Family Resource Center
basement of Adams 14 Building
5291 E. 60th Ave
Commerce City, CO 80022

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