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Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa Gochenour

IMG_0717*I had the wonderful privilege of sitting down with Lisa Gochenour, CUP’s Outreach Director to chat about her role with CUP and to come to know her heart for ministry. Lisa is kind, wise and generous. I have adored her from the first moment we met. Every friend and volunteer she comes in contact with leaves her presence with a knowing they may have just met the face of an angel.

Here’s my sweet conversation with her.

How did you get involved in CUP?

We moved to this area from Aurora and we didn’t know anyone. Ultimately I found out about CUP through a Landing Place sign by the side of the road. After asking about volunteer opportunities and through a series of subsequent introductions, I began volunteering at the Hope Center. When I walked in, it was a very loving, happy place. I first noticed the focus was on the people they were helping. I saw how much got accomplished for the people they were helping.

I just knew when I walked in the door, this is exactly where I belong.

From the time I started I kept feeding a natural curiosity about every aspect of the Hope Center. I moved from one Ugly Sweaters at Hope Centerdepartment to another learning everything I could.   I enjoyed being at the Hope Center so much, I was going to ask Keely if I could add another day to my volunteer schedule. Unbeknownst to me, she had been paying attention to my work and asked me to take the leadership role. I was then asked to step into the Executive Leadership Team as the Outreach Director.

 Tell me about your work at the Hope Center

My aim to keep children in school by providing food boxes, clothing, winter coats, and shoes. Our emphasis is primarily on children’s felt needs. When people come through the door, they are only with us for a few minutes, our heart is to reach them in the best way possible in the short time we have with them. They are loved and cared for by us.

Tell me about someone you’ve met whose made an impact on you

We have a woman who lives in her car, she comes in on Tuesdays. I gave her a bible and she sat in the hope center on a work day and read her bible to be out of the cold. I saw a need with some of these ladies who are over 55 and they have no community to call their own. After much prayer and research I decided to start a Senior Serenity group for these women we meet at the Hope Center and the Mobile Food Pantry that are in desperate need to know their purpose in this season of their lives.

I am so grateful to be a leader at CUP. It’s made changes in my life. I’m very grateful for that.

We are always wanting to welcome new members into our volunteer family at the hope center and the mobile food pantry. Please contact Lisa at lisa@cupcolorado.org.

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