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Volunteer Spotlight: Kimberly Hull

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Kimberly Hull (right) bringing joy and laughter to the Hope Center with her fellow volunteers, Kay DeJoinville (left) and Sharon Pennick (middle).

I recently had the privilege of spending a little one on one time with our amazing volunteer, Kimberly Hull. Kimberly was diagnosed with a rare, terminal condition that prevents her from working full time. She has faced numerous challenges in the most recent years, including a hospital visit that left her family uncertain if she would ever return home. She did, and man is she on a mission! Here, she shares her remarkable outlook and the ways she’s been impacted by volunteering for CUP. 

How did you start volunteering with CUP?

“I heard it mentioned at church (Landing Place) that CUP was serving core Commerce City. I wanted to find another volunteer opportunity during the week while my son was in school. I heard about the great need CUP had for volunteers and they were desperate for helpers. I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t know how helpful I could be, I just went in saying ‘use me, I’m here.’”

How has CUP made an impact on your life?

“At my core, I love to serve people. Now I have a place every week I can do that. I get to serve with other people who share the same value for serving and I get to spend time with them every week. I feel very strongly about being generous and serving at the Hope Center is my chance to be generous with my time and talents. I enjoy helping fill those gaps.”

Lisa Gochenour, the Outreach Director at the Hope Center created a new volunteer position “client compassion” modeled after the way you talk to people who receive services at the Hope Center. What does that mean to hear that kind of feedback?

“I am just doing what I was created to do and what I am called to do. I don’t ever want anyone to ever feel like I’m just here to fill in the blanks [on the interview form]. I want people to feel validated, they are okay and we are here to help.”

What do you want others to know about volunteering at CUP, how would you encourage others to volunteer?

There are an array of positions to be filled and there are no limitations as to who can volunteer. Anyone can find a slot for their talents. Lisa’s really good about seeing talents I didn’t know I had.

It’s impossible not to be cheerful at the Hope Center. It’s easy to serve here. It’s a place of joy and fun. I really felt welcomed as a volunteer. It’s been a joy.

Final Thoughts?

“I heard Lisa (Gochenour) speaking to one of our guests, ‘the people here really listen to us and care about us, unlike other places where we are just a number and we just get shoved through.’ I was raised by a single mom, we had to utilize a food bank several times. I know the embarrassment. I knows how hard it is. We made someone feel wanted and validated when they are in a place they don’t get that very often.


Kimberly, you are an inspiration to me personally and to each person you serve with and to whom you serve. Thank you, on behalf of all the staff and volunteers at CUP, for sharing your most precious time and talents with us. Every life you touch will be more richly blessed by your presence.

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