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Ernest and Shannon Garza are an unstoppable couple. They are hungry for the Lord and serve him tirelessly along with their two kids, but that hasn’t always been the case. I had an opportunity to chat with the Garza’s to hear their story. I was moved to tears at the transformative work God has done… Read more

We absolutely LOVE our volunteers! Thank you all so much for every ounce of time, treasure and talent you bless our community with. We had an amazing time celebrating you at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. Here’s a sample of the beautiful faces who serve faithfully in our community… Read more

*I had the wonderful privilege of sitting down with Lisa Gochenour, CUP’s Outreach Director to chat about her role with CUP and to come to know her heart for ministry. Lisa is kind, wise and generous. I have adored her from the first moment we met. Every friend and volunteer she comes in contact with… Read more

Introducing: Women of Worth

Women of Worth Life Skills Discipleship Class What happens to a woman whose been cheated on, beaten repeatedly, lied to, left alone in the hospital while giving birth?  What happens to a woman whose left to raise her children all alone because her boyfriend was killed in a drunken fight, or because her husband left… Read more

Gods Gift

*Tillie is one of our “Women of Worth” group members. In one of our conversations, she mentioned she loves to write poetry, so I asked her if she would be willing to share some of her writing with us. Tillie has been given a special gift of writing and I am honored to have a… Read more

I recently had the privilege of spending a little one on one time with our amazing volunteer, Kimberly Hull. Kimberly was diagnosed with a rare, terminal condition that prevents her from working full time. She has faced numerous challenges in the most recent years, including a hospital visit that left her family uncertain if she… Read more

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