CUP Leadership

Board of Directors

Jarred McNeely, President (director since 2018)
Jenn Huseman
, Vice-President (director since 2019)
Aaron Phillips, Treasurer (director since 2020)
Shannon Garza, Secretary (director since 2018)
Andrea Fleischacker, Director (director since 2020)
Mickey Hilton, Director (director since 2020)
Jillian Doll, Director (director since 2020)
Heather Dawson, Ex Officio Board Member (since 2018)
Keely Thompson, Ex Officio Board Member (since 2013)

CUP Staff Leadership

Director Leadership
Keely Thompson – Executive Director
Anna Phillips – Director of Business Operations

Team Leadership
Ali Phillips – Employment Success Specialist
Chris Churches – Reunion Coffee House Manager
Jazzy Anaya – Reunion Coffee House Assistant Manager
Shianna Sepulvida – Marketing and Events Coordinator


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