Journeys Program


The Journeys Program provides classroom instruction which will prepare students for apprenticeship with the goal of future, long-term employment.

Community Uplift Partnership uses the Jobs for Life curriculum to help students engage in a journey from unemployment or under employment to better employment.

During the 16-session class, the Journeys students will learn key life principles from Biblical role models as well as opportunities for application of skills learned to prepare for the workplace and for life.
By the conclusion of the class, the students will have the tools needed to find and retain meaningful employment and engage in a journey that will lead them to a productive life.


Once class participants complete the training class they will have the opportunity to apply to be an apprentice at Taza, our job training coffee shop, or to receive a job training mentor as they seek employment in the community, including opportunities with CUP community employment partners.

“What if people united together in a common goal- to make their communities stronger by helping people find meaningful work?” – Jobs for Life
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For more information or to register for these classes, please contact:
Lisa Gochenour | Director of Education |


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