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Gods Gift

*Tillie is one of our “Women of Worth” group members. In one of our conversations, she mentioned she loves to write poetry, so I asked her if she would be willing to share some of her writing with us. Tillie has been given a special gift of writing and I am honored to have a place to share her work with you. 
Gods gift by Tillieann McHone
Gods Gift3
Created to rule
Earth brought forth every delicacy he could seek,
He had an adoring father,
and a beautiful garden blossoming at its peak
Yet still the first man was very weak.
Yearning to fulfill an emptiness in his whole
an omnipotent ally recognized what he needed and created a beauty to compliment his soul.
A piece of his existence
to connect the two to start
he grabbed out of the man the part that protected his heart
He built a mysterious part
and an artfully sound form 🙂
all of her meant to inspire and perform.
As man was built out of his own essence
women was built to love and protect it:)
to paint his world to strengthen and respect it.
A gift of love
more valuable than gold,
for eternity now man has had women to caress and hold.
yet she has been bought and sold
abused and left in the cold
Now that you have been prompted to see
How will you treat me????

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