Personal Development Groups

Personal Development Groups  focus on individuals who fall in the employment gap due to education, child care, documentation, age or other barriers.  These groups foster development of healthy relationships with self, mentors, Christ and others as participants move toward taking a more active role in contributing positively to their community through practice of life skills and organized outreach projects.

Women of Worth is CUP’s personal development group for younger women, many of whom are moms and can not currently seek employment due to barriers such as child care and documentation.  The group emphasizes relationship building, life skill development and community service, as well as working to identify and address barriers to help the women move towards increased economic opportunity. Child care is provided for this group.

Senior Serenity is CUP’s personal development group for women age 55+.  This group explores and celebrates senior women’s worth, value and purpose in their unique stage of the of life.  The group focuses on relationship development and giving back to the community, while also working to identify and address barriers hindering financial stability. This is not a time to merely exist, but a time to grow and bloom, aging in grace.

For more information on CUP’s Personal Development Groups, please contact:
Keely Thompson | (720) 477-0847 x701 |

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