Employment Success Apprenticeship Program

Employment Success Apprenticeship Program is a year long training program consisting of classroom learning, paid employment, hands on job experience with guided practice in the work place, and weekly meetings with instructors and mentors for continued job and life skill coaching.  Community Uplift Partnership uses the Jobs for Life curriculum to help students engage in a journey from unemployment or under employment to meaningful employment and increased economic opportunity.

During the classroom sessions, apprentices will learn key life principles from Biblical role models, identify and work through barriers, and learn skills to prepare them for the workplace and for life.  Each apprentice will be paired with a Champion (mentor) who will walk the journey with them to encourage, problem solve and guide the apprentices through the process of increasing their employment opportunity.

To apply the skills apprentices are learning in the classroom, they will work in an apprenticeship experience where they will have a paid job in a supportive environment to encourage the learning process through hands on job training.  One of the opportunities for apprenticeship is in the Reunion Coffee House caffeinated by CUP.

By the conclusion of the program, the students will have the tools needed to find and retain meaningful employment and engage in a journey that will lead them to a productive life.

The ideal candidate for the program should meet at least one of the following conditions:
1. You or your child(ren) qualify for Free or Reduced lunches at school
2. You or your family is living below a sustainable living wage in Adams County.  Click Here to learn more about the specifics of these standards.
3.  You are or were a teenage single parent.
4. You are part of the foster care system or a young adult who has aged out of the foster care system.

For more information or to register for these classes, please contact:
Keely Thompson | Executive Director | Keely@cupcolorado.org| 720.477.0847 x701

Program Application

“What if people united together in a common goal- to make their communities stronger by helping people find meaningful work?” – Jobs for Life
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