About CUP

The Opportunity

The average annual income per person in South Commerce City is only $14,125 – less than half of the state’s average of $30,816.

11.9% of South Commerce City households currently live on less that $10,000/yr, almost double the rates of Colorado at 6.3%, Adams county at 5.4% and Commerce City as a whole at 6.0%

The risk of unemployment is 1.5 times higher in South Commerce City (13.3%) compared to the state (7.6%) and is consistently noted by residents to be the most pressing need in the area. 66.1% of the people surveyed noted they were without employment.

The Solution

Community Uplift Partnership takes a unique approach to breaking the cycles of poverty. CUP uplifts people through community development, spiritual growth and lifestyle example to model healthy relationships while also providing education to foster independence, self-respect, confidence and achievement of one’s full potential. We believe that when people are living to their full potential and not hindered by poverty, then a quality life and community is achieved.


Succeeding the CUP way

We work with a population that is often misunderstood, misrepresented, mistrusted and feared.  We behave in a way that values people living in poverty, intentionally respects everyone and intentionally teach to these values and expect them to permeate through all levels of our organization.  These values are what sets CUP apart and stimulates our success.

Expected Impact



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