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Introducing: Women of Worth


Women of Worth Christmas shopping together.

Women of Worth

Life Skills Discipleship Class

What happens to a woman whose been cheated on, beaten repeatedly, lied to, left alone in the hospital while giving birth?  What happens to a woman whose left to raise her children all alone because her boyfriend was killed in a drunken fight, or because her husband left the country with her mother to continue their romantic relationship?

I want to ask these precious women how they are still standing. How do they rise from bed each morning and face another day, take another breath?

Then hope arrives.

Any glimpse of it and it’s almost too good to grasp. “You said in one of our classes that Jesus can change people. I want that. I want to be changed. I’m so tired of being depressed, I want to know what it feels like to be different.”

Hope’s name is Jesus.

God’s relentless pursuit of us is undeniable when looking eye to eye with a woman whose entire life has been based in rejection. When the glimmer of hope is a new sparkle in her smile and she asks the question, “will you tell me more about Jesus who changes lives?”

As our time together progresses, a word keeps resonating in my mind. Worth. When so much has happened in a lifetime to consistently reinforce a negative balance on the value sheet, one’s determination of self-worth becomes altered.

Worth is a basic human principle we could all potentially take for granted. We ask for what we’re worth when we apply for a job. We know our worth in relationships with others and can defend ourselves when we are being wronged. At the beginning of every year we make healthier food choices because we we value our bodies and it’s abilities. We all have varying degrees of our sense of self-worth, but the women I’ve met recently are so depleted they believe they couldn’t sell themselves for a dollar.

Most of us have no idea what it means to operate daily under that paradigm. If we did, we wouldn’t be sitting in our nice cozy offices or homes reading this article on our laptops with our WiFi. These are luxuries that require a fair amount of self-worth to attain.

If we allow ourselves to shift perspective for just a moment, our response to how to best speak into the development of self-worth can adjust accordingly. Here is a list of items I’ve identified in my time with these precious women:

  1. To reinforce confidence in the authority God has given them as mothers, women, and daughters of the Most High King.
  2. To acknowledge they have been created with specific talents and abilities for a specific purpose in God’s Kingdom.
  3. To surround them with a community of other women who will love each other with grace and mercy, the way Jesus loves us. Women who will encourage bravery and boldness, and stand together in unity. Women who laugh together, cry together and do life together.
  4. To have access to people with connections for resources. For example, a woman in our class who has no Wi-Fi in her apartment building, or another woman who needs to be put into appropriate classes to learn to read and write, or help connect them to job opportunities to fit their schedule.

A person with a reinforced capacity for worth can ask for these things, seek out the information, find connections to a healthy community. While our Life Skills Group will continue to teach Life Skills, we really have a deeper mission in mind. It’s become so evident to us that worth is central to a human beings development in relationships with Christ, ourselves, others and our resources. And so it is with great pleasure that we introduce our Women of Worth, Life Skills Discipleship Class.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Lori@cupcolorado.org for more information.

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